Children want to laugh, to be challenged, to be entertained and delighted. All these things happen in Rishi Vidya School. Here students are taught to look towards everything positively. The school is a hub of education, energy and enthusiasm which enhances students’ view towards their goal of life. My experience as a parent has been wonderful. Managing director, principal,head mistress, teaching and non teaching staff, sports teachers all are so helpful, friendly and so attentive toward students as well as parents. The food provided to our children is so yummy and hygienic that they miss the food of school at home during holidays. Facilities provided such as chemistry lab, computer lab, library, music class all are very efficient.
At last I want to share with you my experience that Rishi Vidya School provides a firm platform to each and every student to come up with their talents and enhance them.

Jayshree Sudarshan BangadJalna

I remember very clearly the day when my daughter Arya was admitted in Nursery class in June 2011.From that day till today I didn’t have any botheration about her future. Education with moral values and health is what we get here. Yoga, Meditation and most important sanskrit Shlokas are taught very effectively in school. The school is famous for the progress in students in education as the team is very supportive and
motivating. We are really grateful to the school
for fulfilling our expectations.

Poonam PatilJalna

Respected Principal mam and the team of Rishi Vidya School… It is so great to see you have come into teaching with all the technical techniques with such an enthusiasm. Though we are facing such a difficult situation, but still you and your team are always working hard to fulfill the teaching concept in innovative ways. I wish to let you know that you and your team are doing a great job. We will always support you in whatever way it is possible..

Suhana RohraJalna

Rishi Vidya School, the very name portrays a blend of spiritual and moral values. Undoubtedly, cultivating the same among its pupils. This school has always been a great source of nurturing our little ones, creating an influential impact on their tender minds and hearts. This is evident from the fact that my daughters always gleam with happiness at their drop and pick up from school.This school is led by the highly qualified authorities, hence binding the chain of efficient and well-trained staff. Scholastic and Co-scholastic both the areas of learning are equally interesting and fun-filled. Even our small problem is taken care of meticulously at the drop of a hat. Leaving them for six hours is like switching them from one home to another. We perceive a bright future and steady growth of our kids along with this school, to mould the future youth in large numbers into resourceful citizens.

Manish AgrawalJalna

ऋषि विद्या एज्युकेशनल स्कूलने जालन्यातील एका उत्तम सी. बी. एस. ई. शाळेचा शोध पूर्ण होतो. येथे आपल्या पाल्याचा प्रवेश घेऊन आपल्याला निश्चितच निश्चिंत होता येते. माझ्या मुली प्रिया आणि प्रेरणा या शाळेच्या विद्यार्थीनी आहेत. अगदी छोट्या वर्गापासून आणि लहानशा जागेवर सुरू झालेली ही शाळा आज स्वतः च्या प्रशस्त जागेवर वृध्दींगत होत आहे. येथे प्रत्येक विद्यार्थ्याकडे काळजीपूर्वक लक्ष दिले जाते. प्रत्येक विद्यार्थ्याला समजलंच पाहिजे याची काळजी घेण्यात येते. शिक्षक पालकांच्या बैठकीचे आयोजन करुन विद्यार्थाच्या प्रगती विषयी तसेच अडचणी संदर्भात चर्चा केली जाते. शिवाय पालकांना आपल्या पाल्या विषयी शिक्षकांना आणि प्रशासनास कधीही भेटता येते. शाळेत मोठी प्रयोगशाळा असून विद्यार्थी येथे स्वतः प्रयोग करतात. संगणक कक्षात स्वतः संगणक हाताळतात. आधुनिक तंत्रज्ञान, इंटरनेट, ऑनलाईन वर्ग या बाबी शाळेचा अविभाज्य भाग आहेत. येथील वाचनालय समृद्ध आहे. उत्कृष्ट दर्जाची पुस्तके विद्यार्थ्यांना येथे वाचायला मिळतात. विविध स्पर्धा परीक्षा, क्रीडा प्रकार आणि सर्व स्पर्धांची तयारी खूप चांगल्या प्रकारे करून घेतली जाते. संगीत, विविध आणि उत्तम सांस्कृतिक कार्यक्रम घेतले जातात. प्रत्येक क्षेत्रातील महत्त्वाच्या व्यक्तींना ऐकण्याची संधी विद्यार्थ्यांना प्राप्त करून दिली जाते. शिक्षणाबरोबरच बालकांचा सर्वांगीण विकास कसा होईल हे येथे जाणीवपूर्वक पाहिले जाते. बौद्धिक , शारीरिक, मानसिक आणि सामाजिक विकास साधण्याचे कार्य शाळेकडून नित्य होत असते. प्रत्येक बालकांच्या कला गुणांना येथे चालना दिली जाते. ही संधीच बालकांच्या पुढील आयुष्यासाठी महत्वाची असते. शाळेत विद्यार्थ्यांना उत्कृष्ट आणि परिपूर्ण आहार दिला जातो. जेवनात रोज विविधता असते. प्रत्येक पदार्थ प्रत्येक बालकांस आवडीने आणि आईच्या ममतेने खाऊ घातला जातो. यामुळे बालकांची प्रकृती उत्तम असते.
शाळेचे प्रशासन खरंच तपस्वी आहे. शिक्षक वृंद विद्वान तर सर्वच कर्मचारी वर्ग सेवाभावी आहे. शिक्षणाचा व्यवसाय करण्यासाठी नाही तर ज्ञानाचे नंदनवन करण्यासाठी झटणारे हे ज्ञानयोगी आहेत.

Diana Richards

शिवाजी जाधवJalna

It’s wonderful to see our daughter Dikshita grow from a bud to a flower. Rishi Vidya School has helped in developing her character, talents and various skills, not only academically but also excelling in various other areas like sports and cultural activities. We are very happy and grateful to Rishi Vidya School for played a vital role in our daughter’s transformation.

Mr. Sandip DeshmukhAccountant, Jalna