Rishi Vidya Educational School Laboratories

We have a separate set up of Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs according to the norms of CBSE.

Physics lab consisting of voltmeter, am-meter, concave and convex mirror, prism, switch key, glass lab etc., help students learn the subject practically. Chemistry lab facilitates apparatus like test tubes, gas burner, beakers, measuring cylinder etc., which assist students to learn and cope up with this subject with experiential learning. Biology lab is rich with specimens, microscopes, human skeleton, dissection box and many other things which help children learn things practically.

Hence, these well-equipped Science labs give them an opportunity to learn science with hands on experiments analyzing their surroundings, satisfying their queries of hows and whys; escalating their intellect phenomenally. Math lab consisting of Pythagoras theorem kit, abacus, solid shapes, 3-D shapes, number-system kit, and puzzles improve students’ thinking, logical and reasoning power.