Rishi Vidya Educational School Philosophy

The incredibility of Indian Culture puts forth its value when even foreigners wish to pursue it in their routine life.

Our school impressively plays a major role in the upbringing of our students in the thick of our reverent culture which makes them unique wherever they go. Hence in the forthcoming years Rishi Vidya will give a lion’s share in gearing up its pupils into the best citizens.
Students are dealt with very patiently on all the aspects i.e., intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual quotients. The way they are developed spiritually and socially here becomes evident from the fact that they linger in the society very humbly reflecting their patience in dealing with the problems calmly. Every child is different from the other in all aspects. Sensitive children are handled in the manner which gives them parental caress by respecting their emotions over their academic performance, hence making them strong within.
Intellectual quotient tests a child’s reasoning and logical skill which serves them with day to day challenges and rather than being proud, they are motivated to prep average children along with them, strengthening them towards social responsibilities in future.