Dr. Hema Sontakke


Blissful it’s to enter this sacred place
Working amongst kids gives me solace
Future of the Universe, blooming before my eyes
Overwhelms my routine with every Sun-rise.

It gives me immense pleasure to be in a workplace which keeps echoing with the wisdom of Goddess Saraswati. Rishi Vidya School, situated amidst nature’s bounty automatically bubbles with great positive energy and agility among our students. Being fortunate to be constantly with such a loyal staff, I feel lucky to be a part of this major growth in moulding the future youth of the Universe.

Innovative ideas, creative activities and influential teaching-learning process is the core of imparting right way of knowledge, uplifting students into versatility.

We, at Rishi Vidya believe not only in the holistic growth of a child but also build in them leadership qualities and patience in team work. Here we move heaven and earth to coach children in the playground, brim them with sportsman spirit, motivate them to go with experiential learning and seek interest in the rich library collection. This multi-dimensional task is undertaken by the students as we provide them conducive atmosphere and democratic power so that students can express themselves liberally. Every student differs from each other hence, we treat them in hundred different ways keeping in mind various aspects of child-psychology.

The firm triangle of deep understanding among parents, teachers and students throws light on transparency in the school environment which helps a child grow independently. In today’s 21st post-modern century, every parent is possessive about its child’s over-all growth but they are also bothered about the day by day loss of ethical values and other spiritual aspects among their kids. We feel blessed that we are able to imbibe among our bright stars those diminishing values enlightening them with their roots in vedas and sages.

‘Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel’,

it is truly said by Socrates. Keeping in mind this fact, the diverse talented faculty toils hard to keep the flame of knowledge burn not only in students but also among themselves. Commitment, generosity, patience and hard work from everybody’s part irons the foundation and escalates a school’s growth rapidly.